Training For Baby Boomers For Second Act Careers 


When baby boomers make a midlife career change, they usually need specific training, to add to their qualifications, or to update their skills. We’ve gathered resources and information to help senior entrepreneurs and people of any age to update their skills and get the training they need for their dream second act career. 


Jewish Seniors Training For A Second Act Career

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It’s rare to find a second act career that you can step into without any training. Some new careers require you to enter with particular qualifications, while some offer on-the-job training. Equally, senior entrepreneurs will benefit greatly from some basic business management guidance, and most baby boomers will want to update their proficiency with new technology, regardless of their encore career.


There are a number of places for baby boomers to turn for training, from online business courses for seniors to colleges that take only mature students. You’ll find more programs for baby boomers starting up small businesses in our Senior Enterprise article, and more about going back to college and lifelong learning programs nation-wide in our lifelong learning section, but the resources we’ve chosen below are a great starting point for baby boomers training for a second act career. 



Career OneStop: Run by the US Department of Labor, here you can find information about training programs for specific careers, short-term training programs, apprenticeships, and training options that are local to you and will advance your encore career plans.


Quint Careers: Lots of information and support for baby boomers going back to college to train for second-act careers, including articles about distance learning resources, and help with graduate school applications.


Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute: The Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute is a dynamic new yearlong program for established leaders from all walks of life who seek to transform themselves for roles with social impact at local, national, and global levels. More of a reflective gap-year experience than a specific training program, it provides tools for baby boomers to rethink their career paths and clarify how they can best use the second half of their lives to make an impact on the world. 

The inaugural DCI program will begin on January 5, 2015.


Occupational Outlook HandbookAn online handbook of careers fueled by the data-rich might of the Office of Labor Statistics, so information is up to date and extremely comprehensive. In addition to many other job search functions, baby boomers can use it to research training options for their chosen encore career. Once you select an occupation, you can investigate the qualifications required for it, discover what on-the-job-training is provided, and see how you can gain the skills and qualifications necessary.


O*net: An extremely comprehensive and well-updated job search website. Once you find the field you’re interested in, you can access a wealth of information about the options for training for your second act career. You can also begin your search from the other direction, and browse occupations according to the skills you already possess or can easily acquire locally or online.


Fielding Graduate University: A school for adult learners with flexible hours, which recognizes the gains of older students. Courses are offered in the fields of psychology, education, and human and organizational development, in a combination of face-to-face and online learning. 


Encore, the non-profit organization that encourages baby boomers into encore careers, offers both a search engine that helps baby boomers find a local option to retrain for their chosen second act career, and the Encore Fellowship program, which helps professionals from the private sector move into mission-focused work.


My Lifestyle Career – Classes: A whole collection of links to and articles on classes and online resources for baby boomers looking for training in anything from creative writing to business management. Whatever second act career you hope to enter, you’ll probably find something here to help you along the road. 


The Intergenerational Center at Temple University helps non-profits mobilize baby boomers  through training, focusing on strategies for engaging people 50+ in a continuum of compelling roles. It also helps baby boomers to explore second-act career options for the next phase of their lives, including identifying opportunities for civic connection through building organizational capacity, empowering people aged 50+, advocacy training and volunteer leadership training, and promoting positive aging.


Not sure what encore career you want to pursue? We have links to tools, quizzes and plenty of advice for baby boomers who are ready for a change, but aren’t sure what to change to.