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Dohany Street Synagogue, Budapest, Hungary

Dohany Street Synagogue, Budapest, Hungary

Jews have left their legacies on every continent and in every culture, so there are Jewish heritage sites to visit wherever you go. Although some of them are well documented and, with a little advance research, can be enjoyed on a self-guided tour, you’ll almost certainly get more out of your trip if you hire a tour guide. Here are some resources and links to Jewish heritage tour groups and guides. But be aware: not every tour guide is equal. Do check reviews and ask for recommendations before choosing. For more detailed information about Jewish heritage sites and kosher travel options to exotic locations, visit the relevant page for Jewish heritage Sites in Europe; kosher travel to Africa, Asia & Australia; and Jewish travel to North & South America and the Caribbean.


Jewish Heritage Tours Companies:

Authentic Cuba Tours: A Jewish Heritage tour offered by Authentic Cuba Tours.


Ayelet Tours: Israel-based Jewish-owned tour group, offering kosher, Shabbat-observant and Jewishly-motivated educational or relaxing tours and cruises across the world.


Buenos Aires & More: Private, customized tours to Jewish Heritage sites across Buenos Aires.


European Jewish Tours: A Paris-based, English-speaking company offering customized kosher tours and travel experiences to places of Jewish interest in the UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Russia, Denmark, Turkey and Hungary.


Gil Travel: American company offering Jewish Heritage and secular culture tours to Israel, Europe, and the Middle East.


Heritage Tours: Private custom-designed Jewish Heritage tours led by a former Fulbright scholar and local guides, covering Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and Southern Africa. An ideal framework for Jewish baby boomers who want to explore Jewish sites in the Sephardi lands.


Istanbul Jewish Heritage Tours: Tour company offering Jewish Heritage tours of Istanbul and surrounding area, ideal for Jewish seniors eager to explore Turkey.


Jewish Cuba Tours: Customized tours of Cuba, including interaction with the Cuban Jewish community.


Jewish Tour Budapest: Local company offering day tours of Jewish Heritage sites in Budapest, Hungary.


JeruLita: Jewish-owned company offering kosher tours in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Poland. Some tours are offered on a regular basis, some require advance booking.


Jewish Heritage Tours of Eastern Europe (and Elsewhere): A U.K.-based company specializing in kosher group travel to Jewish Heritage destinations. Covering Europe, India, China, and the Caribbean.


Jewish Tours: Tours of Jewish heritage and Jewish interest sites in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, guided by locals.


Jewish Tours Romania: A company specializing almost exclusively in one-to-one, tailor-made, custom tours for the individual or individuals and small groups. By customizing the tours to the specific request of the tourist, we get to meet the exact expectations of everyone.


Kesher Tours Kashrut and Shabbat observant tours focusing on Jewish Heritage sites combined with cultural interest, scenic beauty, and experiencing local Jewish communities.


Key Jewish Tours: An Italy-based company offering kashrut- and Shabbat-observant private tours to sites of Jewish interest throughout Italy.


Maven: Long list of Jewish Heritage tour providers.


Milk & Honey Tours: Berlin-based, Jewish-owned and operated tour company that specializes in showing the old and new faces of Jewish Europe. The company is English-speaking, covering Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic states, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Turkey, as well as Jewish India.


Momentum Tours: Florida-based travel operation offering quality Jewish Heritage programs to perennial favorites such as Israel and an array of tours in Central Europe, China, India, & Costa Rica. Jewish seniors should note that only a few of the tours offer kosher food.


Morocco Travel Agency: Jewish Heritage tour of Morocco, offered by the Morocco Travel Agency.


Myanmar Shalom: Jewish-owned travel agency in Myanmar (Burma), that is eager to introduce Jewish senior travelers to the Jewish heritage and beauty of Myanmar.


Road Scholar: American non-profit educational travel company offering thousands of educational tours across the USA and 150 countries worldwide, including Jewish heritage tours. Although not a dedicated Jewish tour company, some tours do offer kosher food. When we inquired, we were told that Jewish baby boomers should contact Road Scholar regarding the tour in which they are interested in participating.


Shai Bar-Ilan: Exclusively kosher and Shabbat-observant tours to places of Jewish heritage interest and general beauty spots worldwide, including China, African safaris, Japan, India and Nepal, Australia, Europe, Alaska, and South America.


Shore Trips: Jewish heritage tour of Athens, Greece.


Sophia’s Travel: European travel company offering customizable Jewish Heritage tours across Europe. Choose the country of interest from the list, then scroll down until you find a link to a Jewish Heritage tour.


Travel China Guide: Jewish Heritage tours to China. It’s unclear whether the tours offer kosher food, so Jewish baby boomers who want to travel to China should check before hand.


Travel Jewish: Offering guided tours of sites of Jewish interest in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.


Wittman Tours: We provide a broad variety of Jewish and non Jewish tours in Prague; Czech Republic (Terezin, Cesky Krumlov, Kolin, Trebitch, etc.); Poland (Auschwitz, Krakow) and Germany (Dresden, Berlin).


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