We’ve brought together even more beautiful, creative Sukkot decoration ideas for adults, that prove that Sukkah decorating isn’t just for kids. 



1. Sukkot Crafts For Adults: Melted Bead Suncatchers

Sukkot Crafts For Adults:These waterproof works of art serve as great Sukkot decoration ideas. They’ll look lovely in the Sukkah, catching the sun and sparkling in the lights at night. It’s an entirely new way to use those plastic pony beads that every girl seems to collect (and then have hanging around unused). You could make a couple of bigger ones to hang individually using a cake tin, or string a group of smaller ones made in a muffin tin together horizontally or vertically for a durable, colorful upgrade on the classic paper chain.


There is some discussion in the comments on the how-to page about the advisability of baking these indoors, due to the fumes from the melted plastic. The conclusion seems to be that placing the tins on an outdoor grill is just as effective and much safer than filling the house with the smell of melted plastic. I think you could also use disposable foil muffin and cake tins if you don’t want to risk your good bakeware on this project.



2. Sukkot Crafts For Adults: Sparkleballs

Succot Crafts For Adults: Lighting SparkleballSparkleballs are an obsessive trend that I never knew existed, and now I’m surprised not to have seen them in every collection of Sukkot decoration ideas. These are a love-’em-or-hate-’em kind of craft: Either you will think they are stunningly gorgeous, or you will declare them low-class trash that isn’t coming into your Sukkah. If you fall into the first category, visit sparkleball.com for the full instructions, plus lots of ideas for variations on the Sparkleball theme. I don’t see any Sukkot-themed Sparkleballs on the website yet, so perhaps it’s time to send one in? Let me know if you do!



3. Sukkot Crafts For Adults: Harvest-Themed Cornucopia Hanging:

Sukkot Crafts For Adults:This beautifully rustic-looking cornucopia was intended as a door hanging by Martha Stewart (queen of crafts for adults), but I think it would also look great hanging against the walls of your Sukkah. An ideal Succot crafts for adults who shun flashy bright decor, preferring their Sukkah to look natural and nature-themed.


You could use Martha’s recommendations for a floral arrangement, or fill it with mini etrogs and myrtle leaves for a Succot-scented cornucopia. You could even leave the fully natural route by turning small polystyrene balls into mini-pomegranates by painting them red and adding a small contrsuction-paper ‘crown’. Pierce them with florist’s wire to add a colorful accent to the decoration.



4. Sukkot Crafts For Adults: Recycled Bottle Blossoms

Sukkot Crafts For Adults: These blossom decorations hit a lot of buttons with one Succos craft. They’re ecologically friendly, as you upcycle your old plastic bottles. They’re quite simple to make, but as you can see in the photo, they look stunning. Instructables.com offers simple instructions and photographs or a clearer step-by-step tutorial video.


These bottle blossoms are extremely versatile and can be used to create many very different effects. Keep them undecorated for a minimalist look; use spray paint, nail polish or acrylic paints to decorate them in whatever color scheme you prefer; or embellish them with glitter and sparkly rhinestone pieces.


You’ll get two different styles of blossom depending on whether you use the top or the bottom of the bottle (or both). You can use invisible plastic kite thread or clothes tags to attach multiple bottle blossoms together into chains or curtains, or turn them into lighting fixtures by hanging them around a light bulb. The biggest advantage of this kind of chain is that it won’t be ruined if it rains. Start collecting old plastic bottles now.



5. Sukkot Crafts For Adults: DIY Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns are a beautiful way to light your Succah. Here are two different approaches to personalizing and embellishing paper lanterns for your Sukkah.


Glowing Photo Spheres:

Sukkot Crafts For Adults: This is definitely a Succot craft that requires patience and deft fingers, but the results are show-stopping. If you have a basic understanding of using Photoshop or Paint software to resize photographs, you can use this tutorial to create glowing paper lanterns out of your own photos.

You could also use the same template to create glowing paper ‘fruit’ lanterns (eg. use red paper to make a pomegranate and add a golden pomegranate ‘crown’ to the bottom of the lantern using stiff gold card), or copy and print Succot scenes or photographs of Israel. String smaller lanterns in a line along one wall, or hang larger lanterns individually as the focal point of your Sukkah. Either way, they are sure to be eye-catching when the sun goes down.


DIY Embellished Paper Lanterns

Sukkot Crafts For Adults: A simpler way is to make beautiful paper lanterns decorated by hand with paints and fabric patches, then embellished with ribbons and lace. This crafts for adults tutorial explains how to make wedding-themed lanterns, but you could easily make Sukkah-themed ones by gluing (or painting) Succos pictures onto your lanterns. You could use black paint to letter a Succos verse onto the plain lantern for bold impact, or dress them up with glitter paint and sparkly pieces. Embellishing the lanterns with sparkly chains or ribbon hanging down would bring even more glitz to your Sukkah.



6. Sukkot Crafts For Adults: Boho Tealight Lanterns:

Sukkos Crafts For Adults: Tealight lanterns are an old idea, but new ways to decorate them keep popping up. I really like these rich looking, jewel-colored, boho-style tealight lanterns. Use acrylic paints, puffy metallic paint, and stick-on jewels to turn leftover glass jars into a glamorous lighting option. They’ll bring a touch of Morocco to your Sukkah.


If you want to put the lid on the lanterns to protect them from the wind, drill a couple of holes into the lid first, so that the candle will get enough oxygen to continue burning. To hang the lanterns, consider drilling four small holes into the lid (two holes on each side) and stringing some strong twine through the holes.



7. Sukkot Crafts For Adults: Chrysanthemum Mirror

Succah Crafts For Adults: You’ll definitely need to get started early to make this intricate craft. It’s almost too beautiful to be a Sukkah decoration. You could make one large one as a focal point, or make a few smaller ones to hang in groups on the walls. You could probably speed up the craft by spray-painting your spoons in groups in different colors before you start gluing them onto the wreath. Also, if you are nervous about having glass ornaments hanging from your Sukkah, and/or want a lighter weight ornament, you could replace the glass mirror in the center with a favorite photo.



8. Sukkot Crafts For Adults: Twisted Wire & Yarn Wall Hanging

Sukkah Crafts For Adults: This is not really a craft – it is an art piece that many of us would find hard to recreate at home. However, good knitters/crocheters could choose their favorite yarns and knit/crochet a long tube, as the artist did. She then strung copper wire through the yarn to stiffen it into these twirly abstract shapes so that it could be hung on the wall.


I think that the twisty shapes would look amazing, creating dancing shadows against the Sukkah wall. People with clever fingers could even twist the wire into Sukkot-themed pictures or Hebrew verses to do with Sukkot.


For those of us less gifted at working with yarn, a similar effect could be created using pipecleaners twisted together. You could use a single color of pipecleaner for a more elegant creation, or use many colors for vibrancy.



9. Sukkot Crafts For Adults: Glow In The Dark Water Balloons

Sukkot Crafts For Adults: This is one of the best Sukkot decoration ideas I’ve seen. It doesn’t require much craftiness and should not take too long to make. I just loved the idea so much that I had to include it.

Cut open a gel glowstick and squeeze it into a pitcher of water, then use that water to fill clear water balloons. Suspend the water balloons in thin stockings to hang them from your Sukkah roof. (It’s also a great way to recycle stockings that have runs in them).