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StaJe is the only organization committed to serving Jewish 60-somethings by providing important resources, useful information, mutual support & a shared laugh during the new challenges of mid-life and beyond.

StaJe might look like it’s the name of a small town in the Czech Republic, but the origins of our name lie a lot closer to home. We focus on helping mid-lifers make the most of this new stage of life, through a prism of Jewish thought and wisdom. So, it’s the next stage of life with a Jewish J – StaJe.

StaJe is loosely affiliated with the OU, but it really owes its existence to a small group of Jewish activists – most of them mid-lifers themselves – who saw the need for an organization dedicated to Jewish mid-lifers & baby boomers.

Our Staff

Moishe Bane

Moishe Bane


StaJe’s board is led by Mr Moishe Bane, lawyer, baby boomer, & Jewish activist.
Amanda Bradley

Amanda Bradley

Content Writer & Web Manager

Amanda Bradley is a writer, web manager, & Jewish educator.

What We Do

StaJe.org publishes original, informative, carefully-researched articles, accompanied by useful resources & links.
There’s nothing that StaJe doesn’t cover.

From health topics to financial concerns; Jewish legal issues in will-writing or end-of-life dilemmas, to make-up tips and craft ideas; advice for grappling with changing relationships to wisdom about personal growth and spiritual fulfillment; we tackle it in a way that leaves you feeling more informed and better prepared. StaJe is also a source of Torah insights from a unique mid-life perspective.

We’re eager to showcase Jewish baby boomer writers. StaJe brings you some of the best insights & experiences from well-known older writers, along with new 60-something bloggers who enjoy opening up a window into the joys & challenges of mid-life.

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Social Media

StaJe is active on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn.
Through our social media platforms, we share a lot of great content from across the web to make you laugh, think, and share (and if you are still a little scared of social media, we can help you get started).

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"Just wanted to tell you once again that I really enjoy logging on to Staje. Am impressed at the depth of content and improved look of the site."
Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz
Lawrence, NY, USA
"Thank you - I have found it useful!"
Judy Love
Staje has plans that stretch beyond your computer screen. We see a need for quality event programming that is aimed especially at Jewish over 60s, and we intend to fill that niche. Stay with us while we pull everything together to present you with great social, educational and cultural events specifically planned for mid-lifers (initially in the New York City area, but one day stretching across the world).