Who Is Staje? (All About Us)

Staje: For Jewish Baby Boomers

Staje was established by a group of Jewish activists in 2012, to serve today’s energetic, healthy over 60s who are eager for the next set of challenges, but largely marginalized by Jewish communal organizations. Staje aims to fix this gap by delivering excellent events targeted precisely at Jewish over-sixties.

Staje‘s board is headed by Moishe Bane, Jewish activist extraordinaire who exemplifies the never-slowing-down Jewish baby boomer.

The Staje website is managed by Amanda Bradley, writer and web manager, who is too young to be a baby boomer but is pretty mature for her age.

Whom We Serve (All About You)

Staje Jewish Baby Boomer
Staje Jewish Baby Boomer
Staje Jewish Baby Boomer
Staje Jewish Baby Boomer

There’s a new generation graduating to the title of ‘senior’ who aren’t like any seniors that have come before. Staje was set up for Jewish baby boomers who possess energy, curiosity and wisdom, and want to live this extraordinary stage of life to the fullest. Whether you are eagerly awaiting retirement, already retired, or wishing you could have retired; if you are an empty-nester or can see a time when you will be soon; if you are grappling with changing relationships with your parents, siblings and/or children as they get older and so do you; if you feel the need to pay more attention to your financial, emotional and physical health – we are here for you with information, advice & support.

What Staje Does (All About Stuff)

In real life, Staje is behind the popular SPIRIT lecture series in Florida, New Jersey and New York, which combines Jewish wisdom on hot topics with a light lunch and time to shmooze with old and new friends.

Past topics include:

» Navigating Diverse Family Relationships;

» Keeping Fit After Fifty;

» Financial And Estate Planning For Retirement And Later Life;

» Torah and Memory.

Via Staje.org, we stretch across borders to reach people around the world who learn, laugh and grow through the content we share. We’re almost as multi-faceted as today’s baby boomers themselves! You’ll find Torah inspiration, healthy living information, relationship tips, finance advice, home & craft resources, and thought-provoking and fun opinion pieces on anything and everything to do with life over sixty.

What Staje Promises (All About What Comes Next)

Although Staje is based in New York, we hope to roll out our quality social and Torah educational events across the country, reaching older Jews in every state. Thanks to our life experience, we’re patient enough to start off small and ambitious enough to believe that we’ll succeed. Keep an eye on our Events section or our Facebook page so that you’ll always know what’s coming up. Through it all, our online goal is to keep on sharing excellent articles on topics that matter to our online community, through email, social media and Staje.org

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