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Torah Class of the Week!

Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz

Online Torah For Jewish Baby BoomersSimcha On Rosh Hashanah

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Rabbi Dr Jeffrey Woolf

Online Torah For Jewish Baby BoomersTeshuvah Then & Now

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Video Of The Week

When two people are trying to make a deal — whether they’re competing or cooperating — what’s really going on inside their brains? Behavioral economist Colin Camerer shows research that reveals how badly we predict what others are thinking. Bonus: He presents an unexpected study that shows chimpanzees might just be better at it.

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Torah Reading & Daf Yomi:

Shabbos October 1st:

Monday & Tuesday October 3rd & 4th:
Rosh Hashanah
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Wednesday October 5th:
Fast Of Gedailia

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Daf Yomi Nitzavim:
Bava Metzia 5

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